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Exhibition held in Madrid at the IGME (Spanish Mining and Geological Institute), from 17 January to 29 February 2008

Insights from a Traveling Geologist and Painting Apprentice, Santiago Ríos

In this exhibit are shown some of the drawings and water paintings created during several of my trips abroad. The pictures shown were done during trips to Egypt, Morocco, Tibet, Nepal, Algiers and Venice, from 1999 to 2007. Some acrylic paintings, which were generally done in my studio, were also included. The brochure published for this exhibition is shown below. A catalogue with 69 reproductions were published.

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Díptico (front)

Díptico (back)

Drepung Monastery, watercolor 21x30, 2006

Potala Monastery, Tibet, watercolor, 23 x 31 cm, 2006

Tamrit at dusk, Tassili N' Ajjers, watercolor 23 x 31 cm, 2007

Inetinan with light moon (Tassili N'Ajers, Algeria), watercolor 18 x 12 cm

Tuaregs singing in a cave at the moon light in Sefar (Tassili N'Ajjers, Algeria), acrylic 70 x 100 cm, 2007

Interview in “Heraldo de Aragón”, January, 30th 2008

Reference in “Qué”, February 11th 2008

Reference in “La Luna de Metropoli”

(February 2008)

New in “Heraldo de Aragón”

(January 17th 2008)

Reference in Placet (February 2008, nº 177)

Two aspects of the Exhibition

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Drawing or painting themes


Curriculum Vitae